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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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About The Founders

Shi'Yah and Pictra Israel are residents of Dallas Texas, and business owners of 20 plus years.

Shi'Yah has owned and operated Grand Master Cutz Barbershop in Richardson Texas for over 20 years. Shi'yYh is a Master Barber and Instructor. His Mistristy is The Shema with Bro. Shi'Yah which he holds classes on Hebraic Education and Biblical studies.

Pictra earned her BS degree in Early Childhood Development and is a Master Trainer for the State of Texas.  Pictra Also holds a Master Degree in Psychology. Pictra founded Youth Enrichment program Called R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. (Raising Our Youth As Leaders Through YAH).  Which young ladies ages 5-21 are empowered on Cultural and Hebraic Education.

In 2021 the two were joined together in a Holy Convent of Marriage. Since then YAH has directed this couple on countless community outreach and community events such as the annual events of The  Hebrew Wall Street, All White Yacht Fundraiser, Warmth drive, Back to school drive, Scholarships for students and homeless outreach. This couple aims to unite our nation and help low income families by providing resources and  community connections.  These connections give room for ministry and healing and community impact for YAH's glory.

Shi'Yah and Pictra aims to make a positive kingdom impact upon countless communities by partnering with like-minded Torah observant believers, business professionals, skilled leaders and resource managers so as to impact each community by providing career-based opportunities through skills-learning, leadership and entrepreneurial training, youth mentoring programs and community healing.  May The Most High and Christ Bless. HalleluYah


Our vision is to restore quality of life to people of color by offering a constructive approach in honoring their historic values, culture, uniqueness, heritage, and contribution as a valuable people; a glorious people, a people of YAH.  

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The Key Is Me

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